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Ensure IT doesn’t Crash with Our IT Strategy Consulting Services.

IT strategy can be a competitive advantage, even if you view the IT and digital space as a necessary evil. Our strategic IT consultants will work with you to align your IT strategy with your business goals. We’ll create a roadmap for your digital transformation, building a flexible plan that can adapt to changes within the marketplace and your organization.


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eMPiGO consultants guide you with:


Better decisions start with accurate planning.

eMPiGO inventory your data centers, networks, equipment, documentation and cloud computing. With that inventory, we’ll assess your level of risk from a management and technical perspective and create a picture of the future IT needs of your organization.

Road Mapping

Without vision, results perish.

What is the desired state of your IT? eMPiGo consultants will formulate the specific initiatives and timelines that can help you get there on a budget that makes sense. 

Compliance & Security

Stop worrying. Start preparing.

Our strategies, procedures, and processes help mitigate the risks companies face from non-compliance. eMPiGO has been a pioneer in offering services, like Security as a Service, for medium-sized businesses that protect their digital assets and human resources.


Scale Smartly.

Large organizations employ a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to keep IT on strategy and tailored to fit the organization. We’ve been there and now bring that experience to bear for our clientele. It’s a solution of scale perfect for when you don’t need a full-time CIO, but are tackling the type of IT issues that require CIO strategic thinking.