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Say Goodbye to Design Flaws With Our Application Security Consulting Services and App Development.

App development is costly enough. You don’t need the extra expense of security issues.

“Empirical data claim that 50% of the vulnerabilities are caused by architectural design flaws, which means that security needs to be considered earlier” (ResearchGate). eMPiGO primarily focuses on the Microsoft stack of .Net, SQL Server, and PowerBI. We have built some amazing applications improving business bottom lines and rendering information previously unattainable.

Should You Build or Buy an App?

Sometimes software off the shelf is all you need, but sometimes it’s better to build your own. eMPiGO’s consultants can help you make the right decision with build vs. buy analysis, and we can work with you on either. A good rule of thumb is that you should build your own app when you prefer custom design, complete control over system updates, features, and security, and easier integration with existing tools.


Start with the gold standard for building apps.

eMPiGO is expert using .NET, a cross-platform, open source developer platform. With .NET, we can use multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build all different kinds of apps such as web, mobile, desktop, games, and IoT.

SQL Server

Secure and share your data.


Using SQL Server, eMPiGO ensures your sensitive customer information remains secure while still allowing computers in the same network to share data files. The SQL server also increases data processing speed. As a relational database management system, you will have a reliable backup system in addition to a secure way of managing and storing information.

Power BI

Make informed business decisions.

Using Power BI, eMPiGO can build and package analytical content right in your app. You can run reports based on your specified data and output information that is easily digested, understood, and shared with other users to give you better insights.


Everything you need at your fingertips.

Whether you are developing an app for a personal digital assistant, enterprise digital assistant or mobile phone, eMPiGO delivers the best possible experience for your users. Expand your capabilities and services with a mobile app that’s made just for your business.

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