IT Support Services for Small Businesses.

Posted in: Managed IT Services | February 8, 2022

What do small businesses need when it comes to IT support? Well-meaning but untrained team players who are game to jump in and perform IT tasks? Highly paid staff, whose expertise and talents you tap only a few times a year? A calendar stacked with interviews trying to lure in talented people considering multiple offers? There has to be a better way when considering IT support services for small businesses. 

You want your employees’ talents put to their best use, not trying to learn IT on the fly. You want efficient operations delivering flawless customer service, not a sluggish machine that requires regular jump-starts. And you want your leadership directed at the people in your employ, not chasing an impossible hire. Anyone concerned with the operations of a small organization understands there are many moving parts. Outsourced IT services for small businesses can help things run smoothly. 


What kind of services exist for IT support?

IT support service for small businesses is a suite of services that helps with IT infrastructure design, construction, and maintenance. It may be easy for a small business or organization to hear the words “IT infrastructure” and imagine IT challenges at a scale beyond their concern or ability. That belief wouldn’t square with what you recognize as the dynamism of small businesses. One of the reasons an IT support service provider exists is to break IT down into elements that can fit the particular needs of any small to mid-size organization.

The type of services an IT support services firm can offer small businesses is as vast and varied as small businesses themselves. Technology without support can be a burden. Technology with support can become a competitive advantage (LINK to ebook). IT support services range from IT strategy consulting to cybersecurity to managed IT and app development. Specific IT support services for small businesses you might need include:  

  • Network management – an outsourced network manager can ensure applications, tools, and processes that your team needs are professionally maintained and secure. 
  • Hardware and software support – hardware and software exist in the real world where issues arise. Your staff can lose valuable time troubleshooting glitches or sorting through the options available. An on-call expert can ensure your hardware and software helps your business be more efficient, effective, and profitable.
  • On-demand IT consulting – whether it’s project-based or holistic IT strategy you need, IT on-demand means you don’t have to start from scratch.
  • IT Help Desk – 24/7 support can be expensive. IT Help Desk as an ala carte item allows you to right-size your investment in high-quality customer service.  
  • Cybersecurity – The rise in cyberattacks does not favor a DIY approach. And small business is just as vulnerable as big business. 
  • IT support – Information technology is ubiquitous and touches every facet of your small company. Continuity comes from being able to call or chat with local staff anytime.
  • IT/Communications management – IT informs the communications of your business. The right partner can maintain the flow and efficiency of your systems.
  • Cloud services – The online infrastructure needs support and security. As the scope and scale of these services rise, internal solutions will have trouble keeping pace. 
  • Virtual CIO – Contracting a Chief Information Officer on a consulting basis offers the benefits of flexibility and access to talent.


Why are outsourced IT support services for small businesses an intelligent choice?

The reasons are unique to each organization, but there are some commonalities: 

  • Productivity. Given the necessary IT resources, employees can focus on the core business without getting caught up in managing the business’s “digital engine.” Even a smooth-running IT infrastructure needs support and maintenance. Qualified IT professionals can take on that burden. Employers and executives can spend an excessive amount of time and resources pursuing and hiring full-time IT help, the demand of which outstrips the supply.
  • Expertise and experience. Networks, hardware, software, telephony, mobile devices. There is a broad universe of IT challenges that face small businesses. An outsourced solution can offer that deep bench of knowledge that is simply not possible in-house.
  • Economies of scale. Cybercriminals are often indiscriminate in their attacks, and customers are more demanding than ever. Size doesn’t matter—your IT infrastructure and response mechanisms must react.
  • Continuity. A small business can think of IT support services as a wellness hack. Not only can IT support services keep your information technology fit, but they can also help leaders and employees maintain their sense of security and well-being. Having one less distraction can make a big difference as you compete.


Can a small business afford IT support services?

IT support services are professional services flexible enough to grow with you or expand and contract as your business cycle demands. Some services fit easily into a flat fee arrangement. For others, a rate based on usage or users makes sense for the provider and customer. And in other cases, support services might be billable on an ala carte basis. Hiring an IT services company to support your small business or organization can make a lot of sense. It can remove impediments to improving your business and unleash your people to do what they do best. 

If you want to learn more about IT support services and better gauge if they are right for your organization, contact us today.