Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies tackle their challenges with IT so that they don’t have to worry about IT.

Our vision

We collaborate with our clients to identify their business needs and deliver solutions to ensure business continuity, security and necessary organizational infrastructure to help them grow, and we respond immediately to mitigate downtime.

Our values


We constantly seek the truth and tell the truth for total transparency.


We strive to do what we say we are going to do without exception.


WYSIWYG. We are who we are and realize that no one is perfect.

others first

We recognize that when we put others first, they often will do the same for a win-win.

Work it

We believe what we say about our team. We have the smartest, hardest working, fun-loving group of IT professionals concentrated in one company. Do you believe in IT? Check out our current job openings and apply today.

Our Leaders

Sarah Hoyt

Sarah Hoyt

Business Operations Manager

Joel Auxier

Joel Auxier

Director of Application Development

Robert Purcell

Robert Purcell

Client Success Manager

Chris Cowan

Tony Tellez

Service Delivery Manager | Compliance and Standards

David Girot

David Girot


Ryland Kiffmeyer

Ryland Kiffmeyer

Service Desk Manager

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